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Career opportunities of Sales and Marketing:-Textile Machinery Dyeing Machine , DyeHouse Automatic Dispensing system ,Stenter machine, and other Textile Finishing Machinery, and Textile Testing instruments.


1. GM/AGM sales and marketing Capital Machinery, position 03: (for Dyeing Machinery , Dye house Automatic Dispensing System, Stenter Machine , Digital Printing Machine and other Finishing Machine.)
Minimum Experience 5-10 Years or Similar sector Marketing / Working experience on Dye house production house , Qualification: B.Sc in Engineer Textile/ Electrical / Industrial engineering/ Electromechanical Engineering , or Diploma in Textile Engineering.

2 , Asst manager sales ( Lab Equipment sales & Marketing , Minimum working Experience 5-7 years Physical & Colour Lab, Minimum Age 30+ , position 2, Education: B.Sc in Textile / B.Sc in chemistry / physics /MBA Marketing

3. Application Engineer for Color Formulation Lab , should be capable to application on Spectrophotometer color matching , Recipe preparation, QC etc position:02, Experience 4-5 years on Textile Laboratory / Commercial Laboratory colour Lab
Or 3rd party testing Lab

4: Asst. Manager Maintenance Position : 04 for Textile Dyeing Finishing machinery , Testing instruments, Automatic Dispensing system ,Spectrophotometer ect .

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