Rain Tester

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The Rain Tester is used to test the water repellency of the test samples under the specified water temperature and the impact of different intensities of rainwater on the test samples. The sample is vertically mounted on the sample holder, and a standard filter paper is padded on the back of the sample to test the amount of water penetrating the sample.

Rf4458 Rain Tester, touch screen control, automatic control of water temperature, pressure, flow rate, test time, test water circulation. It is environmental protection and energy saving design. There is no water pressure cylindrical pipe, which does not occupy height space.


Testing Scope:

Outdoor sportswear, coated fabric, raincoat, diving suit, etc.


Testing Standards: 

AATCC 35、BS EN ISO 22958、GB/T 23221


  1. 7 “color touch screen control.
  2. Water temperature automatic control.
  3. Water temperature range: room temperature – 45 ℃ ± 0.5℃.
  4. Automatic control of test pressure.
  5. Test pressure can be set, pressure range: up to 3000mmH2O ± 10mmH2O.
  6. The distance between the center of the spray head surface and the surface of the template support is 305 + / – 1.5mm.
  7. Spray head: in accordance with aatcc35 technical parameters.
  8. Test the internal circulation of water.
  9. Automatic control of test time.
  10. Automatic cut-off of jet water, convenient for sample installation.
  11. With pressure calibration port.
  12. Equipped with water circulation filter.
  13. Overheating and dry burning protection.


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