Rapid Oil Extractor



Product Information:
The Rapid Oil Extractor is used to determine the oil or finish content of wool or synthetic samples by solvent percolation and evaporation.
RF-F018C Rapid Oil Extractor is a 3-extractor unit. If it is fully meets the requirements of Endana ERT 155, it needs a large extraction tube- 12mm (OD), 10 mm (ID).

Test Scope:
For fiber, yarn or fabric.

Test Standards:
Endana ERT 155, or others.

Foil Residue Trays (Pack of 50)


  1. Extracting position: Triple
  2. Plunger Weight: 1kg
  3. Power: 230V AC, 50HZ, 3.15A
  4. Overall Dimension: 500(L) × 120(W) ×380(H)mm
  5. Weight: Approximate 7kg

Order information:
RF-F018C           Rapid Oil Extractor
RF-F018C/1       Foil Residue Trays (Pack of 50)



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