Universal Tensile Tester

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he Universal Tensile Tester is designed to test a wide range of materials for tension, compression, flexure, shear and peel properties.

  1. RF-US5K is modern Universal Tensile Tester developed by REFOND. Single column and compact design.
  2. a) Fixtures are embedded with chips containing information about the fixture. System can identify them and prevent mismatch of fixtures during use.
  3. b) Crosshead can automatically move to different gauge length, no need of manual adjustment
  4. c) Fixtures are detected and fixture collisions are prevented automatically.
  5. d) Fixtures are operated by two different air pressure to prevent injury. A lower pressure is used to first hold the specimen. A higher pressure is then used to firmly secure the specimen.
  6. Core components such as loadcells, ball screws, and motors use high quality parts to ensure test accuracy and precision.
  7. Optional 10N-5kN automatically recognized loadcells fulfill different testing requirements.
  8. Computer controlled instrument. Specialized software provides wide varieties of features.
  9. Data measurement and storage are done automatically. Data curves and reports can be exported.



Knitted, Woven, nonwoven, leather, paper, etc.

Testing Standards:

ASTM D434 ASTM D1683 ASTM D2261
ASTM D2724 ASTM D3936 ASTM D4964
ASTM D5034 ASTM D5035 ASTM D5587
ASTM D1683 BS 4952 EN 14704
JIS L1096 ISO 3303 ISO 9073-4
ISO 13934 ISO 13935 ISO 13936
ISO 13937 GB/T 3917 GB/T 3923
GB/T 13772 GB/T 13773 GB/T 19976
GB/T 23318 GB 8688 FZ/T 01030
FZ/T 01031 FZ/T 01034 FZ/T 01085
FZ/T 20019 FZ/T 60005 FZ/T 60006
FZ/T 70006 FZ/T 70007 FZ/T 80007


Model No. US1K US5K
Capacity 1kN/100kg/200lbf 5kN/500kg/1000lbf
Column Distance (mm) 0 0
Max. Crosshead Travel (Excluding Grips) 750 750
Load Cells 10N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 250N, 500N, 1kN 10N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 250N, 500N, 1kN, 2kN, 2.5kN, 5kN
Testing Speed Range (mm/min) 0.001-1000 0.001-1000
Max. Return Speed (mm/min) 0.001-1000 0.001-1000
Distension Accuracy (mm) 0.1 0.1
Loadcell Accuracy 0.2% FS 0.2% FS
Software PC Software PC Software

Ordering Information:

RF-US5K Universal Tensile Tester, Single Column 5kN

RF-US1K Universal Tensile Tester, Single Column 1kN

Load Cells

S Type Loadcell 10N 50N 100N 200N 250N 500N 1000N
Ordering Information UTL-010 UTL-050 UTL-100 UTL-200 UTL-250 UTL-500 UTL-01K


S Type Loadcell 2000N 2500N 5000N 10000N


Ordering Information













Pneumatic Fixtures

Model No. UTF-PN01(Normal) UTF-PN02(Light)



Max Load 5kN 500N
Ordering Information UTF-PN01 UTF-PN01
Jaw Face Specification:
25x25mm Rubber Jaw Face UTJ-R1X1 UTJ-D1X1
25x50mm Rubber Jaw Face UTJ-R1X2 UTJ-D1X2
25x75mm Rubber Jaw Face UTJ-R1X3 UTJ-D1X3
25x100mm Rubber Jaw Face UTJ-R1X4 N/A
R3x75mm Line Contact Jaw Face UTJ-RR3X75 UTJ-DRR3X75  


Rubber Sheet (150x150mm)








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