WSM Loose Fibers Dyeing Machine



● It is suitable for dealing with coloration of loose stock, material such as wool, mucilage glue, Tencel, terylene, cotton and velour cashmere etc.
● It can do the refine, bleach, dye, and soften process one time.
● Laborsaving utility: dyeing yarn strips no need pinecone, can direct dyeing, easy operation, high productivity.
● Good quality: specially designed as low consumption and high function mixer flow pump, ensure optimal flux and delivery lift, equipped with dyeing water out-in flow and in-out flow system with automatic exchange, according to different frequency converter can adjust flux and delivery lift, making yarn strips, loose stock even dyeing results.
● Low liquor ration about 1:4, significant savings in water, steam, dye stuff, chemistry to help the etc.
● Patented designing heat exchanger making highest utilization of steam.
● High level of automation , all machine operation can used computer.


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