45º Flammability Tester

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Product Information:
45º Flammability Tester determines the burning characteristics of textiles under controlled conditions.
RF2185 45º Flammability Tester includes the Stainless Steel test chamber, Electrical control, Glass observation window, Adjustable flow meter, timer, Automatic flame control timer & Automatic ignition control system.
Test Scope:
A range of textiles
Testing Standards:
ASTM D 1230、 FTMS 191-5908、 NFPA 702、CFR 16-1610、 CALIF TB 117、GB/T14644
Brush & Burner
a)  Stainless Steel Test Chamber
b)  Glass observation window
c)  Timer, adjustable timing control in 0.1 second increments
d)  Automatic or manual flame impingement for 1,5 or 20 seconds
e)  Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz/60Hz
f)  Dimension: 430(L)×270(W)×530(H)mm
g)  Weight: approx. 25kg
Ordering information:
RF2185      45º Flammability Tester
RF2185/1   Brushing Device and Brush
RF2185/2   Burner (pack of 5pcs)
RF2185/3   Specimen Holder (pack of 5pcs)



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