High-Temperature Cone Yarn dyeing machine


High-Temperature Cone Yarn dyeing machine HJ-TCD500


For large capacity cheese dyeing machine similar function,the liquor ratio and flow similar with large-scale production equipment.Mainly used for dyeing cotton,polyester,acrylic,nylon,wool yarn and zipper.Cooperate with various types of yarn holder,different yarn can be dyed,such as cone yarn(as pic show:green color),wrap bean yarn(as pic show:oragne color) and loose fibers,etc.

* Used for sample dyeing test for various dyestuff and auxiliary agents, easy clean the beaker and operation.

*Good performance, safety, stable quality, easy maintenance,  low cost and strong power.

*High efficiency and energy saving heating system, simulating water level, progressive feeding, heating proportional , variable frequency control of main pump to ensure dyeing evenly.

*Low liquor ratio dyeing is suitable for the dyeing process of various processes and has good reproducibility.

It can be a good connection to the on-site production, greatly reducing production cost and improving the direct output rate.


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