Auto. dosing chem. IR dyeing machine

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used for simulate the dyeing process  in actual production ,even apply for the small-batch production.



Patented IR heating technology at an affordable price; use Infrared  heating technology, instead of traditional two-positioned IR heating system, to avoid uneven heating for beakers;

  1. easy to operate, can take place separately stained beaker, not at the same time
    Into the turnplate, save wait time.
    B. a variety of dyes, auxiliaries and the characteristic test, such as dispersion, were
    Dye bath ratio, temperature, pH dependency and other tests.
    C. especially recommended for use in sub-sampling test temperature,
    To select the most appropriate combination of dye and then grasp the heating curve of the best mass production, improve quality and efficiency.
    D. dyed with a variety of different sized cups, according to different type of fabric or yarn selection.
    F. capacities from 150ml to 420ml or larger, kind of cloth can be applied from 4g to 20g or more.
    G. humanized design, durability, convenient maintenance.
    ☆ H. aircraft safety, efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, is a small prototype of a new generation of dyeing the best choice.


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