DF241B Series Dyeing Machine


● The control of dyeing fluid flow rate is based on the process requirements of different kinds of yarn, and through the frequency converting speed regulating system of the main pump, the rational flow rate is achieved in an energy conserving manner to optimize the control of synchronized dyeing process.
● The compact-structured liquid flow direction converter eliminates, the pause in direction change and increases the number of cycles to better homogenize the dyeing.
● Adoption of high efficiency heat exchanger with outer piping has superior heat exchanging effect and reduces the dead space of the main trough, thereby lowering the bathing ratio.
● Design of low bath ratio(1:5-1:8), to economize on dyes, agents and energy and reduce emission of waste to improve economic efficiency.
● Changeable load tyDe of yarn rod makes it possible to change the yarn capacity in a graded manner to achieve a fixed bathing ratio and enhances working elasticity.
● The fast cleaning system effectively economizes on cleaning time and consumption of water.
● The overflow tvpe of material feed system is capable of dynamic material dissolving to effectively control material feeding speed and quantity and ensure homogeneous dyeing
● Adoption of new type centrifugal cycle pump with high performance and high efficiency and low energy consumption saves time in water incoming and water draining.


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