Cheese Hydro-Extractor


● Powerful evaporating, fast drying
Based on the calculation of the existing model, evaporation of the drying chamber can reach over 110kg/hour, which is higher than the hot air circulating drying chamber available on market. Drying time per batch/time is 2.5-3 hours, which greatly raises the per unit time production. Daily production in normal conditions can reach over 4 tons.
● Low energy consumption
RCT-II adopts fine quality traditional heat insulation, is equipped with auto steam flow regulating facilities and high performance 37 kw fan controlled by frequency converter, which optimizes the consumption of thermal and electrical energy to the maximum extent. At the same time the comparatively low maintenance cost keeps down the drying process cost.
● Precision temperature control
Advanced temperature control system limits the temperature deviation of actual value of the drying oven from the set value within+0.5℃ through PID, thereby making RCT-II machine fully overcome the disadvantage of excessive temperature fluctuation of conventional drying machine and suit a wider range of applications.
● Clean air filter
New type air filter has high efficiency, low impedance, large dust holding capacity, thereby ensuring maintaining the cleanness level of the penetrating hot air. When the filter reaches certain dust holding capacity it automatically issues warning through pressure differential sensor, requesting clean-up and replacing.


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