Digital Smartear (128N)

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Digital Smartear is used for the determination of tear strength by Elmendorf tearing method.

1. RF3259H uses high-tech sensors and PC software to make the test more intelligent.
a) Test pendulums auto-recognition.
b) Automatic testing range selection.
c) Automatic compensation of system friction.
d) PC software, auto receiving test results, convenient for printing, test units auto exchanging, report can be exported to Microsoft Excel format.
e) Measuring units can be switched freely, reducing the calculation process.
f) Smart calibration system. 2. Heavy duty design, max. capacity is 128N.
3. Touchscreen control, easy operation.
4. Touchscreen controller can store up to 8 batches test results and it can be transferred to PC easily.
5. The optimized specimen holders help the operator to install and uninstall the specimen quickly and firmly.
6. Electromagnetic braking system avoids the pendulum swinging continuously after test, thus to affect the operation and safety issues.
7. Invention patent protected product.

All the test weights, calibration weights are in one assessory box. Meantime, one spare knob, allan wrench and one set of jaw faces are also included in the box.


Test Scopes:

Including woven, layered blankets, napped pile, blanket, and air bag fabrics.


Testing Standards: 

ASTM D689B、ASTM D96a、ASTM D1424、BS EN ISO 13937、BS EN ISO 4674/2、BS EN ISO 21974、NEXT TM17、TAPPI T414、DIN 53128、GB/T 3917.1、M&S P29、JIS L1096, etc.



a) Touchscreen Control
b) Pendulums Types Auto Recognition.
c) Heavy Duty Capacity: Max. 128N.
d) Smart Calibration System.
e) Automatic Result Saving.
f) One-Key Transfer Data to PC.
g) Easy-to-use PC software.
h) Test Report Exports to Microsoft Excel Format.
i) PC Software for Easy Printing.
j) Unit Conversion Easily in PC software.
k) Quick-to-Clamp Specimen Holders.
l) Electromagnetic braking system.
m) Little Maintenance Required.
n) Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz
o) Dimensions: Out 460 (L)x 660 (W) x 660 (H)mm
p) Weight: approx. 80kg


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