Precision Micro Dyeing Machine LS-12P


Precision Micro Dyeing Machine     LS-12P

Applicability and Features:

1.Use for sample dyeing in normal temperature, 10-30g capacity, liquor ratio 1:4~6.

2.It can generate the high pressure dye solution internal flow, the principle is similar to cone and beam dyeing machine.

3.Automatic quantitative linear feeding system (Switzerland ISMATEC), simulate the situation of feeding the additives on site.

4.Intelligent temperature control system, simulate process on site.

5.Large-screen LCD controller, operation easy and intuitive, can be view the curve and record. Power-off protection, continue running after power recover, no affect dyeing.

6.Dyeing recipe of confirming by this lab equipment can greatly improve the one-time success rate, it is a kind of ideal dyeing test equipment.

Technical Data:

Dye Pot number 12
Beaker Size 300ml
Feeding Speed 0.1-1.5ml/min
Heating Rate 0.1~3.5℃/min
Temperature Range RT.~98℃±1℃
Power Supply 3Phase AC380V / 50Hz / 4.5kW
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1020×590×750 mm
Weight 75kg


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