Dyestuff Dissolving and Dispensing


A proper dyeing process requires both accurately measuring the dye (see ODS WEIGH) and preparing a solution in a way that best fits the characteristics of that dye. Assuming that all other processes function perfectly, the viscosity, heat, and solidity of the dye affect the quality of the final product.

Ods Dye ensures the proper circulation, temperature and water level for the selected dyestuff to avoid any wrong dyeings. The systems ensures DYE IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.



Dissolving tanks are manufactured at factory-defined dimensions and capacities. The interior surface of the dissolving tank is polished for proper cleaning. Ods Dye applies different dissolving scenarios for different dyes. Specially designed rotating washing balls perfectly clean every single point in the dissolving tank.


Ods Dye assigns specific dissolving and cleaning parameters to different dyestuff. It customizes the cleaning severity according to the natures of dyestuff and all the components has CIP speciality. Easy cleaning and saves time and water.


Special design 3 way valves embedded on a single S/S pipe-line to dispense dyes. No welding or no threads are used on the pipeline. Guarantes long life and fail safe operation.








After the dyes are measured, they are sent to the robotic distribution unit. The dyes are transferred via separate pipelines, through high air pressure and dyes in-between water blocks.






Why do you need ODS DYE?

1- Suitable dissolving for each dyestuff
2- Avoids color differences for the same orders
3- Eliminates color stains by fully dissolving the powder
4- Eliminates making dye adjustments
5- Minimizes the spillage
6- Reduces the hazardous effects of dye on the operators
7- Eliminates flying dye dust in the dyehouse​


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