Salt Soda Sulphate Dispensing System


Salt and Sulfate Dispensing System automates the solid chemical dispensing step in the dyeing process. Ods Solid minimizes human errors, saves process time, significantly lowers wrong results, improve the efficiency, and standardizes the entire procedure.

The system is integrated with the ODS PREP, and hence the prepared solutions are always at the same quality and composition.



The specific pumps, in combination with the inverter drivers, allow fast and accurate dispensing independent of the length of the pipe line and the density of the solution. The complex pace algorithm improves the efficiency by combining high-speed dispensing with sensitivity. System is sutable for big dyeing machines.


Solutions are measured by volumetric electromagnetic flow-meter. Ods Solid Automatic Calibration Module continuously monitors the calibration and ensures dependable sensitivity. System automatically calculates liter / gram translations.


The tanks at the tank farm are carefully selected based on the capacity requirements and the location of the structure. The customize able automation system enables using conical or cylindrical tanks at or above the dispensing device’s level.

Why do you need ODS SOLID & ODS PREP?

1 – Minimizes the labor and reduces the labor costs
2 – Saves process time
3 – Reduces weighing errors and defective orders
4 – Ensures fully dissolved solutions and eliminates solid residuals
5 – Protects the dyeing mch. additional tank pumps by eliminating solid residuals
6 – Chemical consumption tracking system
7 – Improves the DYE IT RIGHT FIRST TIME
8 – Better stock control and costing​


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