Fully Automatic Laboratory Dispensing System



 Laboratory dispensing system for 168 solutions dispense to 48 beakers.
 Each solution bottle is 1000 ml.
 Solution bottle caps are automatically opened and closed by a vacuum generator.
 Salt and Soda-Ash will be dispensed by the system.
 System will measure the dispenses on %100 volumetric basis. No need of scale.
 The measurements are not affected from temperature and wind.
 All body is made of AL sigma profile.
 The system can prepare more than 1200 recipes per day.
 All software are 100 % user friendly.
 Unique design beaker holders.
 Accuracy: < 0,005 ml
 Speed: 100 recipes/hour (3 colors, salt, soda, water)
24 beaker recipes in 12-20 minutes.
 Min dispense amount: 0,2 ml
 Max dispense amount: 55 ml
 Pipette tolerance: 0,001 mm.
 Calibration: No need
 Sealing piston: PTFE
 Water inlet: 1 cold, 1 hot (max 60 °C)
 Product bottles: 168
 Dispense points: 48 (at a time)
 Sample scale: YES _ 250 grs / 0,01 gr
 Auto diluted solution prep.: YES _ 2200 grs / 0,01 gr
 Safety light cutain: YES
 Movement controls: SERVO CONTROL
 Water feed: Via Burkert Flowmeter
 Solution stirres: 6 pcs standard

Automatic Laboratory Dispensing system for 168 bottles dispensing to 48 beakers.
❖ 168 pcs 1000 ml product bottles
❖ 48 dispense points with special tube holders
❖ Auto bottle cap opening and closing
❖ Water flotte addition system via flow meter
❖ Servo motion controls
❖ Sigma profile main body, S/S product tables
❖ Integrated solution preparation unit
❖ All diluted solutions are prepared automatically
❖ Solution amount in the bottles are under control via level probes
(No risk of empty pipetting / warning before emptying)
❖ Time based bottle mixing system with ptfe magnets
❖ Integrated solution preparation fast mixer
❖ Better than 0,005 ml accuracy
❖ Volumetric working
❖ Hot and cold water inlet
❖ 0,001 mm. inside tolerance glass syringe
❖ 55 ml syringe capacity
❖ Sample weighing system for automatic recipe calculation
❖ Covered with laser safety barrier
❖ Recipe archive, bar-code printed reports and result forms


The system can calculate a recipe for any amount of product by using a sample product weighing scale.
Put the sample on to the scale or enter the weight of the sample, choose the recipe, press calculate &
dye. System will prepare dyes, chemicals, salt, soda and total liquor according to the sample weight
automatically. No need to prepare exact weight samples or separate recipes for every sample.


The system prepares all diluted solutions automatically from the main solution.
Put the empty bottle on to the solution scale, choose the dyestuff, choose the %C and write the amount
of solution you need. System will calculate water and concentrated solution amounts to be mixed, to
prepare the needed amount of diluted solution. All will be done automatically.


Powder dyestuff weighing and solution preparation for 56 products.
❖ 56 nos 500 cc powder silo.
❖ Propellor type powder feeder.
❖ Silo/Glass holder gripper.
❖ Servo powder feeder.
❖ Special centerising mechanism for powder silos.
❖ Automatic solution preparation unit.
❖ 2200 gr/0,01 gr weighing scale.
❖ Scale movement axis on X and Y.
❖ Pressurized nozzle water inlet for pre dissolving.
❖ Pre stirring device for mother solutions.
❖ Hot and Cold water inlet valve.
❖ Hot water preparation unit up to 60 C.










Automatic bottle washing unit is designed for washing the emptied or expired solution bottles
automatically. After finishing the washing process this unit dries the bottle and machine automatically places the
bottle on waiting station for the next job.
❖ Rotating gripper for bottle rotating.
❖ High pressure washing nozzle.
❖ Air drying.
❖ S/S cabin.
❖ Solenoid valves for hot/cold water and air.



The solutions prepared by automatic solution preparation unit is placed by the machine automatically on
this stirring unit in order to be mixed for better dissolving.
❖ Mixing multiple solutions at a time.
❖ Homogeneous dissolving of the dyes.
❖ Different mixing times for different dyes and different %C.




12 automatic dyeing units and automatic Lab. Dip sample loading and unloading module.
❖ 3 sample dyeing units, each equipped with 4 dyeing kiers.
❖ Lab. Dip Sample dyeing capacity in groups of 4.
❖ 40 sample waiting stations.
❖ Oil resistance heating individually for each 4 machines.
❖ High precision pt100/thermocouple.
❖ 316 L stainless steel and electropolished body.
❖ Pneumatic double safety dye kier lid mechanism.
❖ Water intake flowmeter.
❖ Special designed baskets for lab. dip sample dyeing.
❖ Automatic Z3 axis for loading and unloading dyeing kiers.
❖ Gripper on Z3 axis
❖ Night time stand alone working feature.
❖ Automatic recipe calculation.
❖ Ability to work the same or different processes and recipes on each machine.
❖ Retrospective work record.
❖ Bulk production process simulation and Process records











 Dyeing Unit: 12 pcs
 Dyeing Capacity: 5 – 15 gr
 Sample Waiting Station: 40 pcs
 L/R: Min. 1/5
 Max. Temperature: 140 C
 Heating: Resistance
 Cooling: Radial Fan
 Kier Lid: Automatic by pneumatic control
 Loading: Automatic
 Unloading: Automatic
 Water inlet: By Flow meter


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