Jigger Sample Dyeing Machine JD-50


Jigger Sample Dyeing  Machine JD-50

Applicability and Features:

The sample Jig dyeing machine suitable for various open width silk, cotton, nylon, artificial and synthetic fabrics in the processes of dyeing.. Suitable for used dyes such as direct dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, insoluble azo dyes and reactive dyes. Can achieve low bath ratio of bleaching and dyeing, simulation of real production with jigger.


Model JD-50
Roller Diameter 76mm~200mm
Roller Width ≤350mm
Main Roller Distance 380mm
Liquor volume Approx.1.8L
Speed range 0~10m/min
Heating temperature and accuracy Room Temp.~98℃±2℃
Heater power 2000W
Total power consumption Approx. 2.5kW
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
Weight Approx. 45 Kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 850×1035×900mm


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