Textile printing paste stirrer HJ-JB-10


Textile printing paste stirrer

Model   HJ-JB-10


Automatic printing paste stirrer overturn the model of traditional manual printing paste stirrer , which it is widely used in printing factory laboratory, it is instead of traditional manual mixing way,  modulating the printing paste quickly and accurately, available at most stirring 10 cups at the same time, the efficiency is  higher than the traditional manual 20 times above, and stirring well, in order to  eliminate the color variation which is caused by uneven, improve consistency between sample room and production, and the efficiency will be better if used with  liquid dropping machine together .


Easy to operate

One-click complete mix, discharging and cleaning process, easy operation

High efficiency


S/S breaker dimension:∮120×H120mm.

Procedure can be set the stir program can be set, including the speed and time.

Good material  #304 S/S material,more durable ,Stable and reliable

The controller and inverter  control by the unit, it is stable and reliable.

Dissociated-design Ink breaker , convenient to use and clean.

Stirring without any dead corner

Special design with Stirring impeller, run without  any dead corner


Parameters and specification   :


Project Data
Model HJ-JB-10
Cup capacity 1000 ml
Max.stirring speed 200~1600 rpm
Rotation speed of cleaning 200~1600 rpm
Power voltage 380 V
Product Dimension 1800 * 880 * 1600 mm


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