Laboratory calendering Machine HJ-LC400

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The machine HJ-LC400 laboratory calender is a dyeing and finishing laboratory equipment. mainly with fabrics and aids in the deployment recipe to use.

Technical performance
1.Roll form:Upper and lower vertical rolls.
Upper roll:Nylon gravity roller with a maximum temperature of 180 °C.Dimension: ∮150*400mm
Lower roll: chrome-plated heating roller, mirror-polished. Dimension: ∮130*400mm
Nylon roller and cooler can withstand up to 210℃ .
2.Working speed: frequency control0-6m/min.
3.Pressurization mode: hydraulic pressure maximum line pressure 5T, oil pressure 120kg;
4.Heating method: electric heating 3KW, maximum temperature resistance 180℃
5.Safety device: There are 4 protective   small rollers in front of the roller, which must be used, otherwise it will be dangerous. The electric box has a manual emergency rise switch.
◆Machine power:6.2KW
◆Machine size: :1400×550×1400mm
◆Machine weight:1200KG


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