Thickness Gauge J-50

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Measuring range: 0 – 10 mm
Resolution: 0.01 mm

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic, foam and more

Self opening thickness gauge with high accuracy and resolution

Special Features

Thickness gauge J-50 features an easy to read analog display along with the high accuracy
The thickness gauge is available with 5 different feelers, which can be found below
Measuring by pressing the plunger rod
Opening by spring force – self opening thickness gauge J-50Federkraft zum Öffnen des Dickenmessers

Available Models

Model Measuring Range
Resolution Depth of Jaw
J-50 10 mm 0.01 mm 50 mm
J-15 10 mm 0.01 mm 18 mm more
J-45 10 mm 0.01 mm 45 mm more
JA-50 10 mm 0.01 mm 50 mm more
J-100 10 mm 0.01 mm 100 mm more
J-200 10 mm 0.01 mm 200 mm more
J-200-30 30 mm 0.01 mm 200 mm more
J-300 10 mm 0.01 mm 300 mm more
J-300-30 30 mm 0.01 mm 300 mm more
J-400 10 mm 0.01 mm 400 mm more
J-400-30 30 mm 0.01 mm 400 mm more

To order, please indicate the desired feeler, e.g. J-50-B for gauge with feeler “B”

Resolution: 0.01 mm
Measuring range: 10 mm
Depth of jaw: 50 mm
Bezel diameter: 54 mm
Feeler shape: A/B/C/D/E
Measuring principle: Self opening
Weight, net (gross): 300 g (350 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!


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