Tunnel Hark Yarn Dryer


● Body being built with insulated panels with heat-resistant fiber glass material inside to ensure heat insulation.
● Adopt the system of the hot breeze and circumfluence, save the energy and wring the voile to dry to the tide even.
● Humidity extract halftone spread on the bottom, for even humility extract and also clean.
● Speed of”main drive and the auxiliary drive”is adjustable by inverter, the super saver would apply to any hank-yam of any drying process requirement.
● A dehumidifier, which is installed at each chamber, help to meet the save up energy effect.
● Each two ovens was established to the independent auto temperature control system and the temperature keep the small deviation amplitude.
● Cooling fan installed at both ends to improve the working environment.
·Hank-holding bar of light stainless steel for easy handling.


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