Drying time soon
Drying time is about 2.5 hours per batch.RCT-Ⅲ is estimated that production normally can up to 5 tons a day.
Strong capacity of evaporation
Water evaporation can reach 110 kg an hour in drying chamber.
Low energy consumption
Because rational using of enemy recovery device and good heat insulation,frequency control of motor speed,proportional control of steam.the consumption of electric energy and thermal energy are optimized to maximize and to the greatest extent reduces the cost of drying yarn package.
High degree of control
The machine adopts program control,and manual control is also available.Computer program which has 20 sets or mode A or mode B is used to control temperature,blast volume and blast pressure according to set program automatically for different varieties of yam and technology.At the same time the computer program can provide audible alarm and emergency brake control to ensure its controllability and selectivity.
Air filtering
The machine uses multiple filtering to ensure the air that entered in drying chamber could reach desired cleanliness,and to prevent dust and flowers polluting yarn package to make sure that the air cleanliness indicators are entirely corresponding.


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