Washing Colorfastness Tester (Small capacity)




Product Information:
Washing Colorfastness Tester may use for determine the colorfastness test of washing, dyeing, drying clean and bleach detergent.
RF6028E Washing Colorfastness Tester, rotation speed is 40rpm, the maximum working temperature reach 95˚C and may hold up to 8 units of 1200mL containers or 8 units of 550mL specimen containers. This compact size machine fits for testing small amount of specimen. Safety door switch, over temperature protection, low water level protection, all for safe operation.

Touchscreen control, with over 30 testing programs (test methods) built in. 24 blank programs left for customers who can program their own test methods.

Test Scope: 
Dyed textile product
Test Standards:
AATCC 28/61/132/151/190, BS 1006 C01-C05, ISO 105 Part C01-C06/C08/D01, M&S C4/C5/C10A/P3B, FTMS 191-5610, NEXT TM2/3/5, GB/T 5711/3921 Consumables:
Specimen Container, Stainless Steel Ball, Stainless Steel Disc, Container Sealing Gasket
a)  Test Capacity: 8 unit 550mL containers + 8 unit 1200mL containers
b)  Specimen rack rotation speed: 40±2rpm
c)  Capacity of container: 550mL, 1200mL
d)  Temperature range: Room temperature to 97ºC
e)  Temperature accuracy: 0.5ºC
f)  Rate of temperature rise: Maximum speed for 2ºC/min
g)  Internal materials: Imported Stainless Steel 316L
h)  Control panel: Touch screen
i)  Sample Rack Jog Motion for easy assembly of containers
j)  Safety device: Safety door switch, over-temperature protector and low water level protection
k)  Heating media: Distilled water
l)  Power supply: AC230V 50Hz/60Hz
m)  Overall dimension: 610(L)×640(W)×1110(H)mm
n)  Weight: Approximate 100kg

Order information:
RF6028     Washing Colorfastness Tester (Small capacity)
RF6028/1  550mL container (with gasket 2 piece) RF6028/2  1200mL container (with gasket 2 piece)
RF6028/3  Stainless Steel Ball (100 piece/pack)
RF6028/4  Stainless Steel Disc (25 piece/pack)
RF6028/5  550mL Container’s Gasket (8 piece/pack)
RF6028/6  1200mL Container’s Gasket (8 piece/pack)


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