Circular Locus Tester

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Product Information:
Circular Locus Tester is designed to test the pilling property of fabric and fiber pure yarn and blended yarn, knitted, woven fabric.
RF3158 Circular Locus Tester is ultra-low noise design. Top cover opening design, easy to maintain. The specimen holder is made of high quality stainless steel material. Preset counters, easy operation.
Test Scope:
Used for testing the pilling of fabric and fiber pure yarn and blended yarn, knitted, woven fabric
Testing Standards:
Nylon brush device, Wool Abradant Fabric, Poly-Foam Gasket & Dia.105mm Sample cutter
a)  Pilling Locus: Diameter 40mm circular locus
b)  Adjustable brushing device: height: 2-12mm adjustable.
c)  Specimen pressure: Chemical fiber: 590cN(100cN、490cN loading weight); Worsted fabric:780cN(100cN、290cN、490cN loading weight); Wooden fabric: 490cN(490cN loading weight)
d)  Standard loading weight: 100cN, 290cN; weight of specimen head: 490cN
e)  Specimen grip inside diameter:90±0.5mm circle
f)  Counter: 1-9999 adjustable
g)  Specimen motion speed: 60±1rpm
h)  Power Supply: AC230V, 50Hz
i)  Dimension: 570(L)×410(W)×410(H)mm
j)  Weight: approx.45kg
Ordering information:
RF3158     Circular Locus
RF3158/1  Brushing device
RF3158/2  Pen for Circular Locus
RF3158/3  2201 Wool Abradant Fabric
RF3158/4  Dia. 105mm Sample Cutter



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