DF241A Series Dyeing Machine


● All the parts touching with dyeing liquor are wholly made of corrosion resistance super quality stainless steel, featuring long service endurance.
● Heat exchange coil is set in the bottom of dyeing vessel to reduce heat loss and raise thermal efficiency.
● Reasonable and Derfect safety performance: This machine adopts self-enclosed hatch seal, the unlock structure is handoperated with safety linkage device, the uncap structure adopts balance weight mode or air-operated mode with balance weight.
● It adopts the newest designed balanced mixed flow pump of high efficiency and high cavitation resistance. The pump is directly connected to the bottom of the vessel. The forward and backward circulation of dyeing liquor is completed automatically via the reversing system inside the pump. This can reduce the function consumption and raise dyeing efficiency so as to dye the yarn of varions fibers.
● Low bath ratio (1:6-1:8)can save dyeing liquor and aid to raise economic benefit.
● It features high automatic level, good technical reproducibilitv and convenient operability, and it predigests the operations of multi-functions, including influent, drainage, inside flox, V and outside flow etc.
● The electtic motor for the main pump adopts frequency conversion control, the flow call be adjusted randomly and this can reduce the consumption of starting and unloading.


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