DF241C Series Dyeing Machine


● Control of flow rate of the dye liquid: the main pump is subjected to frequency conversion speed regulating system as per different kinds of yarns and dyeing processes in order to economize on energy consumption and rationalize flow rate, thereby realizing optimum control of synchronous dyeing.
● Compact structure: heat exchanger, balance centrifugal pump and the 180 ~ commutating plate are an integral group with compact pipeline setup to save space.
● High efficiency and energy conserving heat exchanger with external pipeline has excellent heat exchange effectiveness, serves to shorten dye liquid circulating pipeline length and reduce bath ratio.
● Design of low bath ratio(1:4~1:6), to economize on dyes, agents and energy and reduce emission of waste to improve economic efficiency.
● Fast cleaning system to effectively reduce cleaning time and water consumption.
·Main pump not stopping at changeover of dye flow to increase circulation cycles and raise dyeing quality.
● Overflow type of material feeding system to effect dynamic mode of material digestion, effectively control speed and quantity of material feeding in order to ensure a homogeneous dyeing rate.
·Fast water in-feed and water drain to save processing time in repeated dyeing process.


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