Atmospheric Fabric Dyeing Machine


● Reduction of process time
Reduce process time and raise the productivity
Dark color dyeing time only needs 298 minutes
● Low water consumption
Water consumption of fabric g/sm is lowly
Less drainage, more environmental friendly
Saving on steam consumption
Saving effluent treatment
Saving dyestuff and chemical additives
·Reduction of Electrical consumption
The main pump is soft start frequency converter.
Shorter time of dyeing technique
Advanced drainage technique without stop machine
·Constant liquor ratio
Within a capacity of 70-100%the liquor ratio maintain at 1:5 and keeping the fabric running smoothly as well.
● Suitable range
It can satisfy different width and g/sm fabric, without
reducing the dyeing capacity, one circle takes 3 minutes.
● More environmentally friendly
Lower water consumption
Lower energy consumption
Lower drainage
Lower electricity consumption.


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