LaboDry Drying Machine

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LaboDry drying machine is designed to meet AATCC home laundering procedures.

1.    LaboDry is designed to meet the parameters list in the Table VI of AATCC Laboratory Procedure 1.
2.    The drying machine is controlled by touchscreen, which the following parameters can be set or selected:
a)      Dry programs (Normal, Delicate, Permanent Press, No Heat) can be selected.
b)     Drying Time.
c)      Cooling Down Time.
d)     Target Humidity Function.:Drying time is controlled by the target humidity values measured at the exhaust duct position.
e)     Target Humidity %RH. 3.    Calibration function for traceability:

  1. a)      Temperature.
  2. b)     Relative Humidity.

The LaboDry drying machine is so designed as to meet all the related AATCC testing standards. In addition, one more design is made to control the drying time by the target relative humidity value measured at the position of the exhaust duct.

Test Scope:

Textile Fabrics

Test Standard:

AATCC TM88B, TM88C, TM124, TM130, TM135, TM143, TM150, TM179, and TM207, AATCC LP1-Home Laundering: Drying Washing-Table VI, etc.



1.    Temperature Automatic Control: ±1°C.
2.    Drying Time: ±10seconds.
3.    Cooling Time: ±10seconds.
4.    Loading capacity: 10.5kg max.
5.    Language: English/Chinese.
6.    Door safe switch.
7.    LED indicators signals.
8.    Power: AC230V 50Hz, 5.0kW

  1. Dimension: 685(L)×710(W)×1100(H)mm
  2. Weight: Appro. 65kg


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