Liquid Chemical Dispensing


Chemical Dispensing Systems are designed to automate the dyeing process by precisely weighing the chemicals and dispensing them to a given machine at the right sequence. Ods Chem minimizes human intervention throughout the process and, hence, significantly lowers defective orders, improves the efficiency, and standardizes the entire procedure.

Thanks to its flexible design, Ods Chem is suitable for every kind of batch based and continuous machines.

ODS CHEM – 2FM Dual Flowmeter system can dispense even 10gr-15gr of chemical with a very high accuracy. This unique feature gives the change to dispense chemicals to sample dyeing machines with the same system used for bigger dyeing machines. Also 2FM system can dispense 2 chemical to different dyeing machines at the same time. So the capacity increased bt %50


The unique positive displacement pumps, in combination with the inverter drivers, allowes fast and accurate dispensing independent of the viscosity or the distance. The complex pace algorithm improves the efficiency by combining high-speed dispensing with accuracy. CIP structre needs less water for washing.


Chemicals are measured accurately via electromagnetic or mass flowmeters. Ods Chem Automatic Calibration Module continuously monitors the calibration of the system and ensures dependable sensitivity.


The customize able automation system enables using conical or cylindrical tanks, and the tanks can be located either same or above level from the dispensing unit.


Ods Chem assigns specific dispensing and cleaning parameters to different chemicals and machines. It customizes the cleaning severity according to the natures of chemicals. Saves time and water.


Special design 3 way valves embedded on a single S/S pipe-line to dispense chemicals. No welding or no threads are used on the pipeline. Guarantees long life and fail safe operation.


After the chemicals are measured, they are sent to the robotic distrubution unit. The chemicals are transferred via seperate pipelines, through high air pressure and chemical in-between water blocks.

Why do you need ODS CHEM?

1 –     Minimizes the human involvement, and accordingly reduces weighing errors and defective orders
2 – Lowers valuable chemical spills which translate into 15 – 25 % cost reduction
3 – Allows managers to identify the recurring errors and improve the productivity through the historical order tracking system
4 –  Allows easily duplicating the work orders via standardized, consistent, and accurate procedures
5 – Reduces the labor costs
6 – Improves the inventory management
7 – Lowers the order process times and improves the turnover
8 – Helps to prevent hazardous accidents by reducing human input in the chemical dispensing process.


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