MutePilling Tester Model:RF3191N

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MutePilling Tester


Random Tumble Pilling Tester, putting the test fabrics and cotton sliver into the test chamber which is backed with cork liner, steel impellers rotates at a constant high speed, together with compressed
air injection into the chamber, tumbling the test fabrics against cork liners, to determine the pilling and
fuzzing characteristics of textile fabrics.
RF3191N, One Chamber Design,LED lighting for easy observation of the specimens through the front viewing windows。Compressed air is connected to each chamber for assisting in the tumbling action.

Test Scopefor most of textile fabrics。
Standards:ASTM D3512, DIN53867, ISO DIS 12945-3, JIS L1076-D, GB/T 4802.4, NF G07-132
Parts and Consumables:Cork Liners、Cotton Silver


  1. Single Chamber Design, Pile Up is possible
  2. LED lighting
  3. Rotation Speed of Impeller:1200rpm

Ordering Information
RF3191N        Random Tumble Pilling Tester(1 Chamber)
RF3194/1     Cork Liners(50pcs/pack)
RF3194/2     Cotton Silver(9m/pack)
RF3194/3     Cotton Silver(1m/pack)



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